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At SMAQ loft 517.10 place Bonaventure in Montreal from dec 6th to 22nd 2019


Maintenance, for wood or resin use a soft cloth to polish and wipe fingerprints left by the natural oil of the skin. Do not use any household cleaning product, if you drop some liquid on the pen, just clean with a humid cloth an dry right away.

How to use the pump

1. Just insert the pomp as a regular cartage.

2. Turn the black part to send down the piston 

3.Hold the junction of the pen and the cartridge so that there is no air that passes, immerse the point (headland) in the ink up to the opening of the point (hole).

4. Turn the black on reverse side to create a suction for the ink to go in the pump.







Sierra & Beauty Models 

Sierra and beauty  models, to open half turn right, to close half turn left. To take out the refill, turn on the left side completely.

To put back the refill, put the refill in place and turn on the right side. Never push the refill inside.