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At SMAQ loft 517.10 place Bonaventure in Montreal from dec 6th to 22nd 2019

Miraky Design, distinctive and sophisticated art,

jewelry and Instruments of writing

Designed to stimulate your imagination and awaken your creativity, the elegant designs of our pens will stimulate your pleasure to write.

Our fountain pens, rollers, stylus , letter openers and perfumers are developed from several components; the resin is made in workshop and hand-painted, various wood of Canada or exotic wood are the main materials which mix with the resin will form the body of the object.

Traveling is our source of inspiration, it will bring the colour of the future Collections. We use different material as micro balls, gold dust, colored threads, images, organic materials, the limit is the imagination and it is not which misses at Miraky Design!

All our writing's instruments are made with the best quality of metals, some chrome or high-end mechanisms  in precious finish as silver sterling, titanium, rhodium or 22 K golden titanium . The quality of our nibs are German with the iridium point, a point that is not going to soften with time, it keeps a flexibility of clear and precise writing.

The ball point are Parker  type refill and the roller are Schmidt or Schneider  type .

 For your distinguish writing, Miraky Design the fin instrument which makes your creativity travel !



J'écris encore beaucoup à la main. Je possède un stylo Miraky depuis quelques mois maintenant. Outre que mon stylo Miraky est tout à fait une œuvre d'art, sa plus grande qualité est certainement l'agréable confort qu'il procure en l'utilisant. Marie-Josée, on n’écrit pas avec tes stylos, on compose ! Septembre 28, 2010.

 Victor Daniel Tremblay (client )