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Miraky Design, the distinguishes signature !

Works of art , distinctive writing Instruments , paintings, jewels, landscaping.

Miraky Design, specializes in several domains of creation. Design of collection pens , writing  instruments and calligraphy feathers to our workshop (studio) of Montreal since 2007. For one custom-made corporate presents, one wooden pens, resin pens with the integrated corporate design, the instruments of writing unique(only), the perfumers and silver jewels sterling, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, pendants and brooches, for the beauty of the art and the pleasure to have a unique object made by an artist. Since a few years we also have the pleasure to personalized or take care of your  landscaping.

The crane,  Miraky Design's logo

The meaning of  Miraky Design's logo, the bird is the crane of Canada, symbol of  peace and longevity in America & Asia. The feathers are symbols of the native roots of Canada "Kanata," the Iroquois-Huron word for village)  and the origins of writing.          All our works are engrave with this symbol.


These are some of the products you can find at Miraky Design.